JITO is a worldwide body of Jain businessmen, industrialists, service providers, knowledge workers and professionals in various fields reflecting their glory of ethical business practices. JITO is set to achieve socio-economic empowerment, value based education, community welfare, practice of compassion, spiritual upliftment of fellow beings through global friendship. JITO invites fellow Jains from the world over to form a united force as contributor and co-worker for fulfillment of its objectives. Through mutual interactions, JITO wishes to establish a network to plan, strategies and open avenues to solve issues related to trade and industry.

Vision Statement

  • To become a World Class organization to achieve higher economic prosperity & to take care of the underprivileged and to enrich humanity with violence-free, poverty-free and disease-free world.
  • We envision a stress free world where JITO play a constructive role and bring in the holistic tenets of karma and moksha in their daily lives. We hope to usher in a world that is violence free and disease free.

Mission Statement

Creating a world body of influential and powerful industrialists, entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals to come together for noble causes of
  • Service to humanity - Seva
  • Knowledge - Shiksha
  • Economic empowerment - Aarthik Sudradhata


  • Unite influential and powerful businessmen, industrialists and knowledge workers throughout the world for noble causes such as Service, Knowledge, Economic Empowerment, Social Upliftment and Spiritual Enlightenment (Seva, Shiksha, Aarthik Sudradhata, Samajik Utkarsh aur Adhyatmic Unnati).
  • Create managed knowledge Institutions and Value Based Education.
  • Growth in business by mutual cooperation, avoidance of criticism and opposition-'Ekta se Safalta'.
  • Platform for young entrepreneurs for right Business contacts and employment.
  • Promote in governance and politics & value based people.
  • To encourage fellow brethren to positively participate and contribute in the political, bureaucratic and legal framework.
  • To channelize united and systematic efforts towards creating a bright future for the youth and establish an employment exchange.
  • To provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to interact and gain purposeful knowledge from the experienced and well established business leaders.
  • Working together and helping each other for making a disease-free, violence-free, enemy-free, conflict-free, ignorance-free, poverty-free social order for ensuring a happy, contended and satisfying living for all.