Vision is grounded in the belief that it is possible to realize a globally competitive and prosperous community with a high quality of life for the stake holding society in keeping with the motto of “Connecting Hands to inspire Minds”

Aim & Objectives:

  • JITO Youth will strive to bea premier Jain Youth Organization that works towards a “Just, Equitable and Progressive Jain society in which young people fully enjoy social, economic and political rights and opportunities’;
  • Youth movements provide an opportunity for the young to put their feelings and ideals into action;
  • To make an impact on the world around them, by helping others and by building their land; and, not least in importance, to form connections with other young / old persons around the globe whose ideals match or complement their own. Members of Jain Youth movements, more than most, try to meet these challenges;
  • The ideals, energies, and voices of young women and men are vital for the development of society;
  • This Youth forum under the proven record of the able JITO management seeks to emulate the success of JITO on a youth platform;
  • The youth forum will get access to the schemes, facilities and connections of the parent JITO organisation


JITO Youth will aim at Monthly sessions which will aim at Motivation and Inspiration of its members, this series will have guest lectures and self help modules by proven experts of various fields:
  • Mentoring
  • Social work
  • Educational Tours (Busines/History/Architecture etc)
  • Strategies to improve self esteem / belief
  • Career guidance
  • Real Life stories
  • Humour
  • NGO
  • Community service
  • How to dress, write, speak, present your self


(i)    The focus of this forum however will be youth centric topics under the following headings but not limited to the same:
    • Business building Events
    • Socially engaging Events
    • Personal Development and Career enhancement
    • Religious Nirvana – relevance of Jainism today
    • Periodic guest lectures on relevant issues
    • Mentorship by proven industry stalwarts and eminent personalities.
    • Global thought works
    • Angel Invest/ Private Equity: Converting Ideas to reality
    • Converting Hobbies to profession
    • Scholarship Guidance and facilitation
    • Contact building exercises
(ii)   Concentration on Networking, Business Development and Personality enhancement will be the key areas;(iii)  The list above is non exhaustive and more suggestions, discussions will be reviewed and taken into consideration;